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Mohammed Cherif Kihal

Invited speaker AtC-AtG 2023

Mohammed Cherif Kihal

Université de Jijel, Algeria


Europe, Middle East and Africa


Electrical machines and power transformers and inductors

Presentation title

An overview of near-field measurement and the inverse modeling methods

Mohammed Charif Kihal is a lecturer-researcher in the Department of Electrical Engineering, faculty of science and technology, at the University of Jijel (Algeria), as well as a member of the Laboratory of Electrical and Industrial Systems at the University of Beb ezzouar USTHB (Algeria). Mohammed received his engineering degree in electrical engineering at the University of Jijel, on the issue of EMC in interconnection substations. He completed his Magister at the Military Polytechnic School Bordj El-Bahri, Algiers (Algeria), in co-direction with ESEIGELEC, Rouen (France), in 2012, where he studied near-field coupling problems. In 2019, he received a long-term internship from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to work on the project of reducing near-field measurement time, in the EMC laboratory of the GGIEMR institute, University of Nottingham (UK). In 2023, he obtained his PhD for his work on the development of EMC models for power electronics systems.

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