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Social Activities
During the conference, we will have different exciting and fun activities in Don’t miss the opportunity to participate and prepare your coffee/beer to virtually hang out with us! 

Invited speakers Q/A off-topic session
Grab a glass and join us at the bar where you will be served by our amazing invited speakers.
Prepare your questions and sit to learn and enjoy! 

Job Advertising / Open Positions room

There will be a room in where participants can enter and search for new positions or job opportunities. 

Do you have any open positions? Join us in, it is the perfect opportunity to advertise and look for potential candidates! If your intention is to advertise an open position or job offer, you just need to provide a graphical flyer and the following information by clicking on the button below

  • Position/name of the project

  • Information about the institution / the group (the name of the leader, localization, etc.)

  • Requirements for the candidates

  • Short characteristic of the position/scope of the project

  • Contact information

Our fierce and funny competitions

We are happy to announce two competitions which would provide another view of magnetism and science. We have two modalities:

  • Scientific (Art) picture competition. 

Showcase the beauty in magnetism and let your artistic side go wild. Photographs and images will be rated by the organizing committee and the registered public, in terms of their aesthetic quality and their ability to inspire and amaze, to convey or illustrate knowledge regarding the scope of the conference.

  • Meme competition.  

Unleash your funny side and send us magnetically-themed memes to participate in an epic battle of humor and creativity. Let’s laugh together! 

Prepare your cameras, microscopes, and pictures, then submit your memes and images pressing the botton below. While each person may submit multiple contributions, only one can enter into the competition with award.​ If you submitted multiple entries, we kindly ask you to let us know at ( which is the one you want to bet on to take part in the competition. You can participate in both competitions at the same time (Art or Meme). Please note that you have to register for the conference in order to participate.


The competition Guidelines are available here.

All contributions must respect the IEEE Code of conduct.

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