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Sophie Morley

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA

Region: Americas

Field: Microscopy, imaging and characterization

Presentation title: The dynamics of magnetic helices in an amorphous material using coherent synchrotron x-rays


Sophie Morley is a research scientist at the Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). She obtained her PhD in Physics from the University of Leeds, UK in 2016 studying nanomagnetic arrays known as artificial spin ice. She carried out postdoctoral research at University of California Santa Cruz and LBNL investigating the effects of strain in metal-to-insulator materials, non-collinear magnets and canted antiferromagnets. She is now in charge of the coherent soft x-ray scattering beamline ( and her current research looks at heterogeneous dynamics of amorphous helical materials and electrical transport signatures of magnetic topological textures such as skyrmions.

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